About APFF

Celebrating Diversity, Harnessing Harmony

Vision Statement
Nurturing film as a medium for inter-cultural dialogue, communal cross-learning, reconciliatory recollections, conflict-mediation and peace-building in the Asian region.
Mission Statement
Engaging filmmakers, artists, performers, academics and members of creative community to unravel the delicacies of diversities and locate common grounds across cultures and societies. These efforts would be directed to establishing a dedicated Asia Peace Film Academy as a center of excellence for skill development and continuous education of aspirants, amatures and professionals associated with media and film industry.
Organize regional, national and local level film festivals and art exhibitions to provide young filmmakers with a space for display and dissemination of their art works;
Facilitate the process of peer-learning and social interaction between and within, filmmakers, industry and interested audiences;
Design, organize and conduct series of concepts and skills development workshops and courses for young filmmakers and artistes across Asia;
Design, organize and conduct inter-cultural exposure visits of filmmakers, artistes and performers for a better understanding of each other;

Ethnocultural diversity and regional intersubjectivity make Asia an insightful cinematographic landscape of plural heritage, shared legends, crisscrossing pasts and intertwined futures. From text to visuals, art to craft, facts to fiction, rhyme to romance, the region has a bounty of stories and a plethora of story tellers.

The Asia Peace Film Festival – a continental social enterprise is dedicated to creating a communicational forum of visual, artistic, aesthetic and cultural inter-subjectivity of Asian societies. This time around,


The Asia Peace Film Festival intends to look beyond the meta-narratives of power, counter-power, conflict and history. We set to explore the depth of ordinariness and celebrate the beauty of smallness— by sharing people’s everyday stories, micro-histories and subaltern narratives weaving a multifaceted web of community life.

Indeed, film is a form of art which has the lens to dive deeper and capture beneath the surface of truth and trial. Film and other visual arts can, therefore, potentially explore the unchartered territories of creative content and tell a thousand stories about the alternative histories of justice, reciprocity, co-existence and plurality.

The Asian nightingales sing panchatantra, jatka, hazarafsan, alif-laila, lilan chanesar, heer and so on but the story never ends; it only traverses into another story waiting to be told.

Asia Peace Film Festival picks these threads of the unending tales and tells the missing story by tracing imprints on the sands of time; breaking the chains of history of hatred, and exploring possibilities of better, cooperative and peaceful future. We earnestly lean to learn: how to celebrate diversities and how to harness harmony within and beyond.

Let’s dream together, let’s experience together, let’s make a story, another story, an alternative story…. Let’s join hands to build a more peaceful Asia, and let’s make a film for peace!

APFF 2nd Edition 2018

Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) is a travelling festival inspired by nomadic tradition of art, craft and creativity. The APFF is aimed at promoting peace through cinema by curating film festivals, holding dialogues and conducting master classes/short courses at different locations and cities of Asian countries.
Theme of APFF 2nd Edition 2018
Reimagining Diversity and Pluralism in Asia
The core objective of APFF is to celebrate and enhance pluralistic spaces for creative expressions representing diverse cultures and communities of the Asian region.
Official Selection
Best Short Film
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Music Video
Best Micromentary
APFF Karachi Edition 2018

APFF Karachi Edition 2018

About the APFF

Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) is a multi-country consortium of more than a dozen film entities from Asian countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Turkey Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, China and Singapore. APFF is registered with Federal Board of Revenue as a sole-proprietor in Pakistan with its secretariat located at 204, 2nd Floor, Plot no 17, E-11/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Initially, to commemorate the World Peace Day, the Federal Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage supported the first sequel of 3-day Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) in Islamabad on 18-20 September 2017. As a second sequel, the APFF-Consortium decided to produce its Karachi Edition under the theme of “Karachi Sub Ka” rebranding the biggest city of Pakistan as the “Capital of Creativity”

About the APFF Karachi Edition

Karachi has evolved as the only cosmopolitan city in Pakistan, representative of a truly multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-lingual landscape making it a cultural kaleidoscope of Pakistan. Karachi is also an inimitable point of creative convergence and a true melting-pot of diverse cultures of the country. With the launch of CPEC, Karachi is now emerging as a hub of regional trade, tourism and cultural exchange thereby promising new vistas for the realization of hopes and aspirations of a vibrant Pakistani youth.

Responding to the inventive instincts of the creative community of Pakistan, Karachi is now beginning to acquire the status of media hub with the shifting of major segments of film industry from Lahore to Karachi.

Seizing these emerging avenues, for the first time ever, the star-studded Karachi Edition of Asia Peace Film Festival would be presenting a diverse, authentic and innovative cultural phantasmagoria resonating the curiosity, imagination and aesthetics of Karachiwallas. To celebrate the plural and inclusive identity of Karachi, the APFF would be bringing together a large number of legendary filmmakers, artists, animators, performers, media wizards, parliamentarians, academics, peace activists and dynamic students of cinematography from all over the country and across Asia.

Thematic Focus

Celebrating diversity and harnessing harmony by promoting cinematography as a mass medium of peace education in Asian region.

Core Objectives of APFF-Karachi Edition Include
Engaging international, national and local filmmakers and creative community to mainstream peace-building through film;
Provide a platform of learning, experience-sharing and interaction between peace-building communities, young filmmakers and media industry/investors for cultural and ideational exchange;
Show case films and art work from different countries of Asia on peace, diversity, inclusiveness, co-existence and reconciliation; and eventually and finally;
Re-branding Karachi as a “Capital of Creativity, Knowledge and Diversity” by hosting a cultural kaleidoscope of Asia.
Key Streams
Central Screening – main screening of 109 films selected from 900 submissions from more than 70 countries of Asia
Parallel Screening – special country packages of films from select Asia countries
Art for Peace – exhibition of artwork from Asian countries and live painting/murals and drawings (4 days)
Asia Film Conference – thematic discussions, conversations, lectures, interactions on Asian best practices related to policy, systems and functioning of film and creative industry in the region (4 days)
Film Production Master Class – interactive training sessions run by international faculty on cinematography for young filmmakers (4 days)
Campus Cinema – student film screening based on the themes of peace, culture, heritage celebrating ‘Karachi Sub Ka’ (4 days)
Asian Cultural Kaleidoscope – multi-ethnic folk performances celebrating cultural diversity of Asia (4 days)
Kidography– a bouquet of animations on peace education from all over Asia (4 days)
Media/Film City – media and production houses to exhibit their work with focus on peace - building (4 days)
Community@Peace – interactive space for civil society organizations working on peace-building (4 days)
Rules & Terms

Call for Submissions

Asia Peace Film Festival – Karachi Edition invites submissions from Pakistani filmmakers focusing on following categories.


Genre and Duration
Short film : Not less than 03 minutes and More than 30 minutes
Documentary : Not less than 03 minutes and More than 30 minutes
Animation : Not more than 30 minutes
Eligibility Criterion
Asia Peace Film Festival – Karachi Edition invites submissions from Pakistani student, independent filmmakers and production houses.
 Peace / Culture / Heritage / Diversity/ Inclusiveness / Co-existence / Peace Building
For Independent Film and Documentary Makers
  • Only films and documentaries produced on above themes would qualify for screening.
  • One entry per Director and/or production Company only.
  • Content produced can be in any local/regional languages with English sub-titles.
  • Media Production Houses can also send their entries.
  • Content produced on low-end technology would be subjected to jury approval for screening.
  • Content produced more than 2 years ago would not qualify for screening.
  • Complete professional profile of the Director, writer, Producer and production team, Story synopsis, production duration and purpose of production must be submitted along with the each entry.
For University Students
  • Students from universities and media schools are encouraged to submit their thesis films/documentaries.
  • Students who have completed their degree’s programs can send-in their final thesis.
  • Content Produced on low-end equipment is subject to jury’s approval prior to screening

Download Microsoft Office Word Form

Faculty Application Form

APFF Pakistan Edition 2017

APFF Islamabad Edition 2017

APFF Islamabad Edition 2017

The International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September each year. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people of the world.

To commemorate the forthcoming International Peace Day, 11-country consortium of Asian creative community launched a flagship initiative by organizing a 3-day Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) in Pakistan. With Islamabad as its birth place, the footprints and outreach of APFF will be extended to other countries of Asia on periodical basis.

APFF Islamabad Edition 2017 will last beyond the event, and a series of follow-up screening sessions will be organized in ten APFF-partner countries, at more than thirty Pakistani Universities and at several press clubs in Pakistan.

  • More than 800 films from more than 70 countries have been received by the APFF Secretariat which are undergoing the process of initial selection. The total run-time exceeds 150 hours out of which 15 hours of content would be selected for final screening at the Festival.
  • Submission of entries is regulated through international film gateways (Film Freeway and Festhome) and adjudged through three-tier process of selection involving regional selectors and jury from APFF-core countries.
  • The selected films of APFF-Islamabad Edition would be screened first at the Festival on 18-19-20 September 2017 in Islamabad; second on the other festivals hosted in partner countries, third in the 30 Universities of Pakistan’s four provinces including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir and fourth in several press clubs in Pakistan.
  • The finalists of APFF-Islamabad Edition would be decorated with National Awards from the Government of Pakistan.
  • The finalist films would be screened as a part of learning curriculum/case studies at the media and communication departments of universities as well as at the press clubs across Asia.
  • APFF would maintain a YouTube channel for a wider dissemination of selected and awarded films.
  • Media Partners of APFF would have one-time non-commercial broadcasting rights of selected and awarded films. For commercial use of broadcasting rights, a contract would be signed between AFPP and the interested media partner on mutually agreed terms and conditions.
  • APFF would create an endowment fund to establish Asia Peace Film Academy (APFA) in the long run.
  • Resources for APFF are generated through institutional support from government and nongovernment organizations as well as through corporate sponsorships. Individual donations and volunteerism also add value to the resource base of APFF.
  • As a future project, APFF has plans to design and conduct short courses on ‘film for peace’ engaging Asian universities, press clubs and media academies.
  • APFF would design and conduct annual editions of the festival on co-host basis engaging yearly with a new country of Asian region. First APFF is Pakistan Edition 2017.



The first ever Asia Peace Film Festival is a trailblazing initiative in the region bringing diverse sectors, actors and audiences together in one city, under one roof creating an exciting ambiance of diffusion of diversities; presenting intricate expressions of multi-cultural panorama; and forging an intense sense of togetherness through fine arts, film, creativity and innovations.

The Festival would be attended and represented by a large and diverse audiences – bringing together filmmakers, artists, animators, performers, media wizards, parliamentarians, academics, social activists and students from almost all countries of Asia. It would be an inimitable gathering of creative communities and opinion leaders from the region presenting a cultural kaleidoscope of Asia.

The Festival would also deploy an extended outreach strategy for the multiplication of audiences and messages through livestreaming and recorded broadcasting by public, private and social media networks. The first ever Asia Peace Film Festival is happening in 2017 with Islamabad as its birthplace but it only marks the beginning of a series of events. The festival would be roaming or traveling round the year to other destinations of Asia. The itinerary of Asia Peace Film Caravan (APFC) would be announced at the Festival.

Different components of the APFF offer a momentous opportunity to the corporate sponsors for their product branding, demonstrating values of social corporate responsibility while contributing to peace-building in the region. We have designed customized packages for sponsorships serving your corporate objectives and getting the brand message across the diverse, multi-country and influential audiences. For details please contact: sponsorship@asiapeacefilmfestival.com

News & Updates

News & Updates

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APFF 2nd Edition 2018


March 2018

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Winners of APFF Karachi Edition 2018

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February 2018

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APFF Karachi

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Official Selection – APFF Pakistan Edition 2017

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June 2017

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APFF briefing to CDA

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May 2017

May 21, 2017

Team APFF’17 brainstorming meeting with Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, State Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, Government of Pakistan; Mr. Mobashir Hasan, Chairman, Pakistan Film Censor Board and Mr. Jamal Shah and Director General of Pakistan National Council of Arts

Towards its endeavors to pick ideas from diverse groups and stakeholders, the Team APFF’17 had a ...

May 19, 2017

Team APFF meeting with Vittorio Cammarota, Director United Nations Information Centre

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