APFF Annual Edition 2018

Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) is a travelling festival inspired by nomadic tradition of art, craft and creativity. The APFF is aimed at promoting peace through cinema by curating film festivals, holding dialogues and conducting master classes/short courses at different locations and cities of Asian countries.
Theme of APFF Annual Edition 2018
Reimagining Diversity and Pluralism in Asia
The core objective of APFF is to celebrate and enhance pluralistic spaces for creative expressions representing diverse cultures and communities of the Asian region.
Short film (not more than 30 minutes)
Animation (not more than 30 minutes)
Documentary (not more than 30 minutes)
Music video (not more than 30 minutes)
Micromentary (not more than 3 minutes)
Early bird Deadline
30 April 2018
Regular Deadline
30 May 2018
Final Deadline
15 June 2018
Extended Deadline
30 June 2018
Eligibility Criterion
  • Content produced can be in any local/regional languages with English subtitles as a MUST.
  • Media production houses and TV channels can also send their entries.
  • Content produced on low-end technology would be subjected to the Jury approval for screening.
  • Content produced before January 2016 would not qualify for screening.
  • Complete professional profile of the Director, Writer, Producer and production team, story synopsis, production duration and purpose of production must be submitted along with each entry.
Ground Rules
  1. Every entry will be evaluated on basis of relevance of the subject with the festival theme, production standard, production style, sound and visual treatment, production quality, innovation, brevity and type of equipment used.
  2. All finalists in different categories will be nominated as per the jury’s decision.
  3. Certificate of acknowledgement of participation would be awarded to all participating teams.
  4. Decision of the Jury would be the final word for selection of all finalists for all categories including selection for screening.
  5. Work in progress can be considered as long as it meets the deadline of the festival.
  6. Once filmmakers submit their film, it means that they accept all rules and terms enlisted in the APFF memo/website and agree that APFF can use their film data in order to develop its services, media products, promotional material, information kits etc.
  7. By submitting your film through the laid down process you are agreeing to share the multiple screening rights with APFF.
  8. All entries must follow appropriate copyright clearances and credit protocols (i.e. music, images, scripts, screenplays, sources, references etc). Failure to do so will result in the entry being disqualified from the competition.
  9. The shortlisted films would be announced through APFF website and Facebook but finalists would be announced on the last day of the Festival. Any change in this sequence would be notified through APFF website and facebook.
Best Short Film
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Music Video
Best Micromentary
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