APFF Constitution

APFF Constitution

APFF Constitution



Nurturing film as a medium for inter-cultural dialogue, communal cross-learning, reconciliatory recollections, conflict-mediation and peace-building in the Asian region.


Engaging filmmakers, artists, performers, academics and members of creative community to unravel the delicacies of diversities and locate common grounds across cultures and societies. These efforts would be directed to establishing a dedicated Asia Peace Film Academy as a center of excellence for skill development and continuous education of aspirants, amateurs and professionals associated with media and film industry.


• Organize regional, national and local level film festivals and art exhibitions to provide young filmmakers with a space for display and dissemination of their art works;

• Facilitate the process of peer-learning and social interaction between and within, filmmakers, industry and interested audiences;

• Design, organize and conduct series of concepts and skills development workshops and courses for young filmmakers and artistes across Asia;

• Design, organize and conduct inter-cultural exposure visits of filmmakers, artistes and performers for a better understanding of each other.

• Establish Asia Peace Film Academy in the long run.

APFF Advisory Committee

• APFF would announce an advisory committee annually based on the recommendations of organizing partners of the Festival.

• Advisory Committee would consist of notable personalities from different sectors and professions with substantial gender representation.

• Advisory Committee would provide overall guidance, thematic and institutional support to the Management Committee of the APFF, purely on voluntary basis.

APFF Management Committee

• The APFF shall be administered by a Management Committee of no less than three, with other members being appointed to specific roles by mutual consent as and when required.

Composition of the APFF Management Committee

• Management Committee would be headed by the Convener APFF or his/her nominee.

• Members of the Committee would be drawn from the key organizing partners of the APFF.

Terms of Reference of Management Committee

• To raise money through sponsorship, fund-raising events and charging submission fees to filmmakers.

• To promote the event via the internet, social media, broadcast media and press.

• To appoint a panel of independent judges to determine the festival awards.

• To recruit volunteers and engage public, private, corporate and not-for-profit sectors to assist with the running of the festival.

• To form partnerships with businesses and other groups where it is deemed necessary by the APFF Management Committee.


• Any money acquired by the APFF including donations, contributions, sponsors and bequests, shall be paid into an account jointly decided by the Management Committee and proper accounts and audit should be maintained.

• An annual financial audit report shall be maintained and presented when required.

• Proceeds of the APFF would be utilized to ensure the sustainability of APFF.

APFF Code of Conduct

• APFF organizers should operate a transparent selection process and publish details of the selection process and the names of the Jury/selection committee (publication can be after a festival concludes).

• Film festivals organizers should provide full contact details for the festival offices including address and telephone numbers and the names of the festival convener, directors, committee members and advisory committee of the APFF.

• APFF organizers should not under any circumstances, share any personal financial data belonging to any filmmakers with any third parties.

• APFF should publish a year by year history of festival winners and films officially selected.

• APFF organizers, committee and or jury should not show or demonstrate any favouritism to any film submitted to the festival or attempt to influence other members of the jury or selection committee.

• APFF organizers should declare any conflict of interest that may arise from any film submitted to or invited to participate in the festival.

• Guidelines and Policy of the Central Film Censor Board of Pakistan would be followed by the Selection Committee or Jury to ascertain the selection for public screening and declaring awards.