Eligibility Criteria

Rules and Regulations
Submission Opening Date:
Deadline for Early Submission:
Deadline for Later Submission:
Deadline for Final submission:
Categories For Submission
Short Film
Not more than 30 minutes
Not more than 30 minutes
Not more than 40 minutes
Not more than 03 minutes
Student category
(open to any of the above genre but filmmaker should add student proof on submission). For example, information regarding their university, year of enrollment, supervisory faculty etc. Only students enrolled in Asian universities would be eligible to send their entries.
Community category
Open to any of the above genre

Note: For entries longer than 30 minutes, APFF would require a ‘director’s cut’ to be submitted for evaluation.

Theme APFF 2017
Celebrating diversity and harnessing harmony
Content Submission Eligibility Criteria
For Independent Film and Documentary Makers
  • Only films and documentaries produced on the theme of PEACE, PLURALISM, DIVERSITY, TOLERANCE AND CO-EXISTENCE focusing Asian regions and communities would qualify for screening.
  • Maximum two entries per Director and/or production Company
  • Content produced can be in any local/regional languages with English dubbing OR subtitles as a MUST.
  • Media production houses and TV channels can also send their entries.
  • Content produced on low-end technology would be subjected to the Jury approval for screening.
  • Content produced before January 2015 would not qualify for screening.
  • Complete professional profile of the Director, Writer, Producer and production team, story synopsis, production duration and purpose of production must be submitted along with each entry.
For Asian Community@Peace
  • Civil society organizations, community organizations, non-governmental organizations, charity organizations and think tanks engaged in peace-building and conflict-mediation are encouraged to submit their entries under Asian Community @ Peace category.
  • The submitted films must be produced, commissioned or filmed by these organizations/groups/communities.
  • Films should be no more than 15 mins in duration.
  • Preference for selection will be given to films with a specific topic or project(s) related to some aspects of peace-building within their areas of operations.
  • Self-promotional videos would not be accepted for selection and screening.
  • Films documenting local narratives of peace, profiling local peace heroes and introducing innovative ideas for peace building and conflict-mediation would be preferred for selection and screening.
  • The relevant organization/group/community is required to furnish its profile, purpose and area of operations.
  • Content produced before January 2015 would not qualify for screening.
For Asian University Students
  • Under-Grads from Asian universities are encouraged to submit their thesis films/documentaries.
  • Students who have completed their degree’s programs can send-in their final theses.
  • Content produced on low-end equipment is subject to jury’s prior approval for screening.
  • Content produced before January 2015 would not qualify for screening.
Submission Requirements
Option 1: Entries should be made using the FilmFreeway or Festhome gateway – both platforms are free to join as a film-maker and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.

Option 2: Films should be uploaded via wetransfer and URL for the upload to be sent to APFF’s email address (content of email should have the film title, director’s name, year of production, length and format).

Email must also include attached files as mentioned below
  • Filled Entry Form (html online)
  • Synopsis of the film (100 words for feature film & 50 words for Short films)
  • Director’s note or statement on the film (50 words)
  • Biography of the director (50 words)
  • Filmography of the director
  • Two or more high resolution stills from the film (600 dpi)
  • Latest photograph of the director (passport size, jpeg)
    Electronic Press Kit (EPK) including posters of the film
  1. Every entry will be evaluated on the basis of the production standard, production style, sound and visual treatment, production quality and type of equipment used.
  2. All finalists in different categories will be nominated as per the jury’s decision.
  3. Certificate of acknowledgement of participation would be awarded to all participating teams.
  4. Decision of the Jury would be the final word for selection of all finalists for all categories including selection for screening.
  5. Work in progress can be considered as long as it meets the deadline of the festival.
  6. Once filmmakers submit their film, it means that they accept all rules and terms and agree that APFF can use their film data in order to develop its services, media products, promotional material, information kits etc.
  7. By submitting your film through the laid down process you are agreeing to share the screening rights with APFF.
  8. All entries must follow appropriate copyright clearances and credit protocols (i.e. music, images, scripts, screenplays, sources, references etc). Failure to do so will result in the entry being disqualified from the competition.
  9. The shortlisted films would be announced through APFF website but finalists would be announced on the last day of the Festival 1.e. September 23, 2017. Any change in this sequence would be notified through APFF website.

Following five awards would be decorated:

  • Best short film
  • Best animation
  • Best documentary
  • Best micromentaty
  • Best Community@Peace film
  • Best student film
The cost of shipping to the festival of the Selected Films will be the responsibility of the entrant, unless otherwise indicated by the festival. Shipping must be prepaid. If your submission is accepted by APFF, APFF requires three physical copies: one for exhibition, one for press and one for back-up. The back-up DVD will remain as part of the APFF library with the understanding that no license for public performance is implied or assumed. APFF will handle shipping of the Selected Film from the festival back to the submitting producer. Any special shipping arrangements, e.g. shipping to another festival or return to an address other than the return address, must be made at least two weeks prior to the festival. If the filmmaker plans to attend the festival, APFF can release the copy of the Selected Film to the filmmaker after its final screening at the festival. Selected Films must be in the festival office at least one week before the festival. If, for any reason, this is not possible, you must contact us in advance to request an exception.