You can submit your entries to APFF through any of these two international film festival gateways either through “Filmfreeway” or “Festhome”. More details and submission links here

No, you do not have to pay to submit your film.

Yes, you can submit more than one film.

No, your film should be at least a minute or more.

Yes, the films of the winners of APFF’17 will be uploaded to the webpage.

Yes, as long as you have English subtitles in your film.

No, you cannot watermark your film.

It could be any file size in any format (mov, mkv, mpeg4 etc.)

Only the films produced after January 2015 will be accepted.

The final deadline to submit your film is 30th August 2017

No, once you have submitted the form you cannot go back to edit. However, you may send an email at entries@asiapeacefilmfestival.com if you want your form to be edited or updated.

Filmmakers do not have an age restriction. However, the person submitting the film should be 18 years or more.

Please see our rules and regulation page here.

Asia Peace Film Festival takes place from September 21st 2017 to September 23rd 2017.