What is ‘peace’ to me?

Perception of Peace in Contemporary Asian Art

Call for Entries – Peace Art Exhibition

September 18, 2017 to September 28th, 2017

National Art Gallery – Islamabad, Pakistan

peace /pēs/ – According to the dictionary, peace is related to freedom from disturbance; peace is also defined as quiet and tranquillity, equanimity, harmony, calm, restfulness.

Nouns antagonistic to peace such as noise, conflict, distress and agitation characterize the media and contemporary daily lives in Asia.

Geographically, conflicts might be insulated in certain regions but in today’s globalized world, boundaries do not define distance or proximity. Shared political, economic, cultural interests intertwine to make a complex web of dependencies and inter-dependencies bringing the effects and consequences of conflicts to different countries and communities at multiple levels.

Questioning ‘Peace’:

Among all the possibilities and interpretations of peace, one may wonder, how do we sense it? Is it a way?  A question? An answer? A need? A desire or a dream? This exhibition aims to open a creative contemporary space for artists from Asia, to share their thoughts on the topic of peace – from questions to answers that may be obvious or subjective; individual or collective. It is a space for art and artists to communicate with the public and promote a connection to the topic through diverse media.

In connection with the World Peace Day on 21st September, 2017, APFF invites Asia based artists to collaborate by sending their points of view on peace, their creative and free interpretation of harmony, balance, peace at any level.

Following the guidelines of the APFF, the exhibition aims to promote an inter-cultural dialogue beyond borders, focusing on its main goals: re-conciliatory recollections, conflict-mediation and peace-building; reclaiming space for diversity, pluralism, tolerance and co-existence.

The curatorial team will accept all kinds of art works developed by artists based in Asia, with a special focus on photography and video art.  The call is open from July 6th to August 19th, 2017 and the finalists will be announced by August 28th 2017. All art works and/ or digital files must reach Islamabad, Pakistan, no later than September 10th.

Ground Rules:

    1. The APFF may be responsible to cover costs of photography print and display of videos. Any other kind of art selected for the exhibition should be sent in and out of Pakistan under the artists’ responsibility, insurance included;

    2. Artists should apply by sending their bio and professional information (maximum 300 words), technical description of the art work (title, medium, year), 1 from 5 images in high resolution of the piece and a short statement about their concept and artwork history (maximum 500 words);

    3. All art works should be delivered at the designated address in Islamabad; before September 10th. The art works not delivered on time will be cut from the exhibition;

    4. The artist(s), curator, collector, gallery, museum or institution that owns the artwork is responsible for the delivery of the art works on time, as well as for the collection of the pieces at the end of the exhibition, no later than October 31st;

    5. The general Rules and Regulations of the Asia Peace Film Festival would apply to the Peace Art Exhibition;

    6. The APFF has the right to promote the artists and the artwork in all promotional and communication materials, online and in loco.

For submissions and further details, please contact:

Sheila Zago

Curator, APFF Art Exhibition