Th first-ever International Young Directors Festival (IYDF) was jointly organized in Xi’an by the Art and Engineering College of Xi’an Polytechnic University, Contemporary Cinema and Nippon-Shaanxi Economic and Cultural Exchange Association.

Pia Film Festival (Japan) and Asia Peace Film Festival (Pakistan) were the facilitating partners of the IYDF. The Festival curated and screened art works of 40 young budding directors and producers from 15 countries including Australia, Austria, Georgia, Russia, Japan, Iran, India, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Morocco, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and China.


The films selected for screening at the IYDF presented inspiring creative expressions and experiments of young filmmakers telling stories of their contexts, surroundings and social sensibilities.

Their works were reviewed and commented by panelists including Professor Shahab Esfandiary (Tehran University); Professor Utako Koguchi (Musashino Art University); Professor Kozutsumi (Japan), Amjad Bhatti (Asia Peace Film Festival – Pakistan); Li Tu (Director IYDF) Liu Xindi (Art and Engineering College, China) and others. The concluding session was presided by Dr. Ma Dong, President of College of Arts and Engineering, Xi’an Polytechnic University.

Titles included: Blue Eyed Boy and Heaven of Children by Amir Masoud Souheili (Iran); Dear and Fireworks by YiXuan Cheng (China); Living at Jiala Village by Qi Xing (China); The Next by Dong Li (China); Lunch Time by Alireza Ghasemi (Iran); Blind Audition by Maximilian Merth (Austria); In da home by Yamamoto Akira (Japan); Play with the Snake by Hauka Kato (Japan);  Stage 9 by Mei Fujiwara (Japan); Out of the Blue by Takanabu Hirano (Japan); Red Kite by Susanna Van Aswegen (Australia); Night Owls by Allan Ignaczak (Poland); Where am I by Nao Normura (Japan); Not Yet by Arian Vazirdaftri (Iran); I love you Mommy by Manuel Rees (Germany); Chudala by Marria Sayed (India); Clan by Stefanie Kolk (Netherlands); Emily by Jun Xia (China); Moibius by SongJun Xue (China);  Always Right Behind You by HanYu Gao (China); Sentimental Installation by Sasha Karmaeva (Russia); Every Night by Aya Miyazaki (Japan); Early Morning for Drunk Fish by Amir Amenov (Kazakhstan); The Corner of Heart by ShengHan Zhou (China); The 80-year Old Youth by JingGang Li (China); Bla Bla by JianBo Yuan (China); Soul by Shuai Zhao (China); A Jie by ShengWei He (China); Sabrina, I want, I can, I do by Yana Yuryshheva (Russia); Sail Away by Kambaraliev Janybek (kyrghyzstan); Six at Zero by Allan Ignaczak (Morroco); Return to Nostalgia by Lim Ying Xian (Malaysia); and Holiday by ZhiHai Chen (China).