The first ever Asia Peace Film Festival is a trailblazing initiative in the region bringing diverse sectors, actors and audiences together in one city, under one roof creating an exciting ambiance of diffusion of diversities; presenting intricate expressions of multi-cultural panorama; and forging an intense sense of togetherness through fine arts, film, creativity and innovations.

The Festival would be attended and represented by a large and diverse audiences – bringing together filmmakers, artists, animators, performers, media wizards, parliamentarians, academics, social activists and students from almost all countries of Asia. It would be an inimitable gathering of creative communities and opinion leaders from the region presenting a cultural kaleidoscope of Asia.

The Festival would also deploy an extended outreach strategy for the multiplication of audiences and messages through livestreaming and recorded broadcasting by public, private and social media networks. The first ever Asia Peace Film Festival is happening in 2017 with Islamabad as its birthplace but it only marks the beginning of a series of events. The festival would be roaming or traveling round the year to other destinations of Asia. The itinerary of Asia Peace Film Caravan (APFC) would be announced at the Festival.

Different components of the APFF offer a momentous opportunity to the corporate sponsors for their product branding, demonstrating values of social corporate responsibility while contributing to peace-building in the region. We have designed customized packages for sponsorships serving your corporate objectives and getting the brand message across the diverse, multi-country and influential audiences. For details please contact: sponsorship@asiapeacefilmfestival.com