Murtaza Chaudary’s journey from a small town boy to a film-maker has been incredible and a truly inspiring one.
He is from Kotli, Azad Kashmir. He has a passion for storytelling. Quality of his work landed him at Aaj TV, a small TV news channel, as a creative director. Here he designed Pakistan’s popular political satire show – ‘The 4 Man Show’. He worked as the host, producer and writer of the show. The 4 Man Show brought him fame. He moved on to create several hits like Banana News Network (Geo Tv), Media Azaad Hai (Express News) etc., all of these became extremely popular. Murtaza took a break from TV to make ‘Quetta’ – an experience he describes as “defining and
exhilarating”. As the name suggests, the film is set in Quetta – a city of significant historical and geographical importance which is unfortunately highlighted in the media for all the wrong reasons. It documents the journeys of three individuals of different age groups who have diverse experiences and aspirations. What brings them together is their ability to dream and live against all odds, a streak Murtaza Chaudary knows too well