Sofia Setyorini had a dream to become a journalist but accidentally studied cinema in a University in East Java, Indonesia. It brought her to involve in the biggest film festival in South East Asia at the time, Jakarta International Film Festival (2005-2007). Instead of being a filmmaker she enjoys more to work in a film organization or film festivals.

In 2006 she worked at In-Docs (Indonesian Documentaries) as Exhibition Coordinator where she was responsible for the screening of documentary films around Indonesia. In 2011, she decided to resign from In-Docs and went to Poland to work at Five Flavours Film Festival and in the same year worked as film curator for the screen Docs (Indonesian documentary film) program at the Asian Hot Shots Film Festival Berlin, Germany. She was also working in many film festivals in Indonesia as well in German Cinema Film Festival, Europe on Screen, Erasmus Huis International Documentary Film Festival etc.

She was invited by Profilantrop Budapest to be a speaker for the teachers to talk about “How to make a film with youth” in Budapest, Hungary in 2009.

In 2014 she contributed as one of the authors of a book “Indonesian Women Filmmakers”, published by Regiospectra, Berlin-Germany.

She was the program coordinator of 5 Islands 5 Villages, a German-Indonesia documentary project that held by the Goethe-Institute Jakarta and In-Docs in 2017.

Currently she is a coordinator for the Art House Cinema of the Goethe-Institute in Jakarta.